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How it works

  • You submit your story* to Yackler. We publish it and, thanks to your wit and to the formidable reach of Yackler.ca, it becomes a huge hit across the Web.
  • We split any ad revenue fifty-fifty.
  • You get a monthly email detailing your posts’ performance along with your earnings.
  • Once you earn at least CA$50, we send the money to your Paypal account. (If you happen to bank in Canada, we can send you an Email Money Transfer.)

What’s in it for you

  • Eyeballs – Yackler’s been averaging 500,000 pageviews a month since it opened in May 2016. We’ve been featured on national radio and on Snopes, among other outlets. We’re getting to be kind of a big deal.
  • Professional editors – Yackler’s team is made up of seasoned Web editors. We’ll work with you to get your piece noticed.

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*Please no fiction, poetry or erotica. Otherwise, we’re open to anything as long as we think there’s an audience for it.