A weird number of food delivery drivers have snacked on your food

Have you ever wondered if your Uber driver has reached into your order and tasted your food? Of course you haven’t, because what kind of gross person would do that?

Well guess what… you know where I’m going with this, right?

28% of food delivery drivers have taken food from an order

It turns out that nearly a third of food delivery drivers have done exactly that. Because the world is disgusting. I already hate ordering from Uber because of all the packaging and the cost and because I hear they treat restaurants pretty badly (and Foodora for the same reasons and then even more reasons I won’t get into here), but I think this might be the final nail in the coffin.

US Foods conducted a survey of 1,518 adults who said that they have used food delivery apps and 497 adults who said that they had worked as a food delivery employee to find out what people want in food delivery and what employees want out of their jobs. Or something like that.

The finding that pretty much hijacked the entire survey is that 28% of the delivery drivers admitted to having taken food from an order they were delivering. Meanwhile, 21% of customers suspected as much and 85% of customers said that they wished that restaurants would use tamper-evident packaging to address the issue. I will admit that the idea never occurred to me. Obviously I am naive and too trusting, and have no idea what’s going on.

Drivers don’t want to take elevators or climb stairs

Other common customer complaints included drivers refusing to get out of the car, or just dropping the food outside and leaving. Also, food that isn’t hot and fresh, late deliveries, and messed up orders.

Common gripes among delivery drivers were low or no tips, food not being ready at the restaurant, customers messaging them with questions and complaints, and, weirdly in my opinion, being expected to climb stairs and take elevators. I would have thought the latter was just part of the job. Again, I have no idea what’s going on with anything ever.

The survey found that the average respondent has two food delivery apps on their phone, and uses them three times a month. I’ll probably be deleting mine now, though.

Anyway, I basically came here to say there’s a 28% chance your delivery driver tasted your food.

Bon appetit.