Polish guy just acts normal while wearing a cat during a TV interview

Polish historian and political scientist Jerzy Targalski was being interviewed by a Dutch news program when his cat decided that Targalski’s ears looked super dirty and needed to be cleaned right then and there. So, he climbed on the guy and started washing his ears.

Targalski did what any true professional would do and just continued with the interview while wearing the cat. We can all learn a lot from this guy about keeping calm and carrying on.


The discussion was about the forced retirement of Polish Supreme Court President Malgorzata Gersdorf and her refusal to go quietly. Gersdorf is fighting the forced removal which came about as part of a so called retirement reform that lowered the retirement age of judges from 70 to 65, affecting 27 of the country’s 73 judges. Gersdorf, who is 65 has called the move a “purge of the Supreme Court conducted under the guise of retirement reform.” She was expecting to serve a six year term ending in 2010. Instead she finds herself being forced to step down two years early.

Not knowing a much more than I read in like two articles, I will say that the forced does seem idiotic and sketchy, and that one would probably expect the reform to only affect those elected after its enactment. That said, this is from July and I can’ figure out what happened since then because all the articles are in Polish.

Anyway, this guy has a cat on his head.