A vending machine that sells Instagram likes and followers

Because that picture of your coffee DESERVES RECOGNITION!

Need some Instagram likes? A vending machine in (of course) Russia will sell you some for less than a penny apiece – so you can get on your way to becoming one of those influencer types people are so impressed with these days.

This is nothing new, of course. You’ve been able to buy fake online popularity in the form of likes and followers pretty much since the dawn of social media, despite it being supposedly against the rules of those sites. But the vending machine is a cute twist. As I’ve said, it’s well known that people buy Instagram likes online, this is just on another level altogether.

This machine, which was posted on Twitter by Alexey Kovalev (then reported by Motherboard), in the Okhotny Ryad shopping centre in downtown Moscow sells likes and followers.

50 Russian rubles ($.89 USD), buys 100 Instagram likes, while 100 Rubles ($1.77) buys 100 instagram followers. It also takes selfies, prints Instagram photos, and sells fake followers and likes for VK, a popular social networking site in Russia.

Apparently there are more such machines throughout Moscow, and other Russian cities.

Yes, this another reason to be wary of “influencer marketing.” If this story of my smart friend Lena Katz turning a potato into an influencer wasn’t already warning enough.