Every time you play this song on Spotify, a Caribbean artist gets free studio time

Cool marketing slash Corporate Social Responsibility alert:

Bacardi, and Spotify, and music trio Major Lazer have launched the Music Liberates Music program, which will give up-and-coming artists a chance to record their music.

Fast Company reports that, from June 6-30, every time Major Lazer’s new song, “Front of the Line” streams on Spotify, Bacardi will donate studio time for aspiring Caribbean artists. This enables the artists to use state of the art equipment like phono preamps. These new pages from the Graham Slee HiFi will show you how important this equipment is.

“The more listens, the more studio time these emerging artists will get. It’ll take about 50 plays to log one second in the studio, or 180,000 plays for one hour of studio time. And given Major Lazer’s pedigree of hits notching more than 40 million plays, that studio time should add up.”

Major Lazer — made up of Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire — told Fast Company:

“Our collaboration with Bacardi is not your typical brand partnership. Over the past few months, Bacardi has offered us the creative liberty and freedom to test, learn, experiment, and create so many exciting things, like bringing epic experiences to our fans, new sounds, and our recently debuted Limited Edition Rum, which is rolling out on shelves in the next two weeks.”

Artists that will benefit from the program include Mystic Davis from Jamaica; Triple Kay of Dominica; Barbados’ Shanta Prince; and Cohoba from the Dominican Republic.

Nice way to passively make a difference: put that shit on repeat and do some good.

Bacardi announced a few weeks ago that it was partnering with Jillionaire of the musical act Major Lazer to serve as the company’s “Minister of Rum” and will start selling a limited-edition Major Lazer bottle of rum. This will be first-ever collaboration for Bacardi in the brand’s 155-year history. I live in Canada though, so I won’t be able to buy it because our provincial government controls what alcohol we can buy and I can’t see the LCBO stocking “Major Lazer Rum” — so who cares?