What does a psychopath study in university? Find out.

A psychopath walks into a university. What program does he/she sign up for? Someone decided to find out.

Researchers from Denmark’s Aarhus University looked at 400 students in five different academic majors — psychology, economics/business, law, and political science —  at time of enrollment to determine whether personality traits known as the Dark Triad (these are always capitalized and they include narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism) affect academic decisions.

And what did they find? Drumroll please…

Measuring the Dark Triad traits of students in the different programs they found the highest Dark Triad scores among the business and economics students and the lowest among the psychology students.

So, what we have learned here is that psychopaths are more likely to study business and economics than liberal arts. At least Danish ones are.

The researchers say that the findings indicate that Dark Triad traits may influence educational choice.

Not sure how valuable this information is to the layman but maybe, if you’re compiling a case against someone, it’s information you can use.

A study last year, according to Indy100, found that law, business and economics students were less agreeable.

(Image: Copyright: aetb / 123RF Stock Photo)