Pet parrot repeats pillow talk, blows the whistle on cheating husband

Brrraaak! You’re busted. A woman found the proof she was looking for that her husband was cheating on her when the family’s pet parrot gave away the affair.

While the woman had long suspected that her husband was sleeping with the maid, she had no proof. That all changed when the parrot started repeating flirty phrases and suggestive conversations: naughty dialogue that she and her husband had never shared.

Because adultery is illegal in their country, Kuwait, the woman took the bird to the police station as evidence of the affair and demanded justice. A successful conviction could have landed her husband in jail, even resulting in a prison sentence involving hard labour, according to local news source Al Shahed Daily.

Fortunately for the husband, the police decided that the parrot could not be called on to testify as a credible witness to a crime. There’s no evidence of where he learned the suggestive phrases, and it could have been from radio or TV instead of overhearing actual shenanigans.

In unrelated news, a man in Kuwait is offering up a free parrot to anyone who wants to give it a good homeā€¦