Scientific proof that ghosts are real (and what to do if you encounter one)

Okay, so ghosts are real. A UK women took her kids to watch a movie and accidentally photographed a ghost in the back row watching them.

Thirty-five year-old mother of three, Emma Johnson took her three children to see the new Pixar film, Finding Dory. (Too bad they weren’t at a screening of Ghostbusters.) Because it was her youngest child’s first time seeing a movie in the theatre, she took a family selfie to capture the moment.

It was when they looked at the picture later at home that they spotted the eerie sight. There appears to be a ghost in the last row, peeking over the backs of the chairs.

More creepy still, a closer look at the supernatural snapshot reveals that the ghost is that of a child and seems to be holding a Teddy bear.

Don’t panic. The ghost did not harm the family or even interact with them at all. However, just to prepare for similar encounters (now that we know that ghosts are real) I have done some research on how to deal with the undead.

This image graphically illustrates how to defend yourself against suspicious spectres and even how to capture one. This becoming a Ghost Buster yourself. Something that began as fiction, but we now realize we really need. (Like work/life balance, unicorns, and independent political candidates.)

In equally scary news, bears have had it. They’re fed up. They’re training to become ninjas.

Source: Unsuspecting family is ‘photobombed’ by a ghost girl