Iranian men don hijabs to protest compulsory veiling law

meninhijabMen in Iran are showing support for women’s freedom by snapping pictures of themselves wearing hijabs – and it’s touching and awesome (it made me a little weepy), and also a good reminder of the value of the freedoms we enjoy in Canada.

Iran has a compulsory veiling law requiring women to wear a headscarf and loose, modest clothing. This law has been in place in 1983 following the 1979 Islamic revolution. Punishment for disobeying the law can range from detention to lashes. And lately, reports the Huffington Post, some women are fighting back.

Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad launched My Stealthy Freedom, an online movement against the enforced hijab, in 2014, and has also started the social media campaign #MenInHijab to encourage men to show their support and advocate for change in the law. And so they are.

One man posing with his mother writes:

“Obliging women to wear the veil is an insult to the entire society; it is a source of humiliation for all of us. Mothers should decide by themselves how they want to dress. Let’s all support our mothers rather than oppose them.”

Another writes:

“Compulsory veil is an immense cruelty to half of Iran’s population while also being a huge insult to the other half.”

This is of course because the compulsory cover up is ostensibly to prevent men from making sexual advances, something they are supposedly unable to stop themselves from doing in Iran.

Still another talks about how his wife wants to go to the beach and feel the wind in her hair, and the fact that this simple pleasure is denied her.

Alinejad told The WorldPost. “To be clear, we are not against the hijab. If you want to wear it, you should wear it! Women in Iran don’t have a choice.”

She’s reportedly been blown away by the support she’s received.

Here are a few of the photos that have been posted. I’m in love with all these people today (but not in a sexual advances kind of way).

#meninhijab #مردان_باحجاب

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. ما پدر و پسریم. از ستمی که به همسر و مادر و خواهرمان می رود در رنجیم. ای کاش که روزی همه ما آزاد باشیم تا طبق سلیقه و خواست خودمان زندگی کنیم. We are a father and a son. My heart aches for the injustice that my spouse, my mother, and my sisters have been suffering from. I wish we could all see the day when all of us could live in harmony regardless of our choices in life. #مردان_باحجاب #MenInHijab برگرفته از پیج آزادی های یواشکی در فیسبوک امام صادق عليه السّلام فرمودند: إنَّ المَرءَ يَحتاجُ في مَنزِلِهِ وعِيالِهِ إلى ثَلاثِ خِلالٍ يَتَكَلَّفُها وإن لَم يَكُن في طَبعِهِ ذلكَ: مُعاشَرَةٍ جَميلَةٍ ، وسَعَةٍ بتَقديرٍ ، وغَيرَةٍ بتَحَصُّنٍ ؛ مرد براى اداره خانه و خانواده اش بايد سه كار انجام دهد ، هر چند بر خلاف طبع او باشد: خوشرفتارى ، گشاده دستى به اندازه ، و غيرت و ناموسدارى . بحار الأنوار: 78 / 236 / 63 منتخب ميزان الحكمه: 380

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مادرم خوشحال شد كه من به جاي تاكيد و تحميل حجاب بر او از حق انتخاب پوشش او دفاع مي كنم. مي گويد زير همين فشار و چادرهاي اجباري مشكلات بزرگتر مملكت را سرپوش گذاشتند. مادران حرمت دارند. اجبار آنها توهين و تحقير تمام جامعه است. مادران خودشان بايد تصميم بگيرند كه حجاب را دوست دارند يانه. كنار مادران مان باشيم نه عليه شان. Here is me and my mother who is really happy when I said We understand you and we fight for freedom of choice not forced hijab. #meninhijab #مردان_باحجاب #meninhijab

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دم اين پدر نازنين گرمممممم اولين پدري كه در چالش جديد روسري به سر كرد و كنار دخترش ايستاد مطلب ارسالي: پدرم و پسر داییم وقتی دیروز توی تلویزیون چالش مردان رو دیدند تصمیم گرفتند روسری سر کنن..اولش خیلی خندیدن ولی جالبش اینجا بود که پدر و پسر دایی برای یک دقیقه عرق کرده بودن …گفتن چه مصیبتی شما ها دارین، میگفتن خیلی سخته، شماها چی میکشین .برای یک دقیقه خودشون رو جای ما گذاشته بودن خیلی سخت بود …تا حالا هم زاد پنداری به این شکل نکرده بودن. Now an Iranian father wears hijab and stands beside her daughter. “My father and ny causing decided to join #meninhijab. at first they laughed and next sweating. at they end the both said it is a disaster. we can not take it even for a minute how much you (women) suffer when you are forced to wear it every day. The never had such sympathy with us before. ” #مردان_باحجاب

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