The most Canadian food in the world

Ah, whisky, ketchup chips, and lentils. The great Canadian diet. What more do you need?

Yes, we’re a nation of gourmet food aficionados envied by the world. Did you know that Canada is the globe’s leading provider of frozen French fries? We are. One third of all frozen fries in the world are made in New Brunswick. That province is also home to the Potato World Museum.

(Somehow this failed to crack our list of Canada’s Must-See Landmarks, an oversight on my part.)

We’re also the world’s largest source for green lentils. Yay. And this country is the only region in the world to produce ketchup flavoured potato chips. So I guess by inevitable conclusion the most Canadian food in the world would be French’s (with tomatoes from Leamington) Ketchup flavoured frozen French fries. PEI potatoes, natch. Yum.

Our friends over at CNW Group/Evangeline PR have created a handy infographic explaining all of this.