(Photos) The top 10 travel destinations in Canada

The online travel booking and review website TripAdvisor has released its ranking of the country’s top places to visit as ranked by actual travelers. It turns out that people love to visit Quebec. While Vancouver ranks as the number one spot for travelers, the top three are rounded out by Quebec City and Montreal.

The top ten places to visit in Canada

1. Vancouver, BC

2. Quebec City, QC

3. Montreal, QC

4. Toronto, ON

5. Victoria, BC

6. Niagara Falls, ON

7. Whistler, BC

8. Ottawa, ON

9. Calgary, AB

10. Halifax, NS

Read the list of recommended things to do and see from TripAdvisor for each of the top spots on their Traveler’s Choice Awards page.

If you’ll allow me to step outside of the TripAdvisor list for a moment of personal opinion, here are a couple of hidden gems I recommend. Go to Lennoxville, Quebec, just outside of Sherbrooke. At the south/east corner of the town’s only intersection with a traffic light, you’ll find the Golden Lion Pub. Try their award-winning home-brewed beers. You won’t be sorry. And if you’re in town on a Wednesday, order the chicken wings. Trust me.

Continuing eastward about twelve hours and a drive over the Confederation Bridge, hard by the eastern end of Prince Edward Island, you’ll find the town of Souris. This charming maritime town is home to Basin Head. This is a wide and kilometres long white sand beach. There is a bridge over a deep channel for daredevil plunging in, and seemingly endless spots for spreading out your towel and setting up for a beautiful day at the beach. [Pictures] And the waters off PEI are warmer than the rest of the Atlantic cost because of its location in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.