Man electrocuted while unplugging charging phone

An 18-year-old man was reportedly killed by electrocution when unplugging his mobile phone from a computer in China last week.

Xiong Xuan, a factory worker, was charging his phone at an internet cafe in Wuhan, where he was a regular, reports Mashable.

His brother, Xiong Feng, who was at the scene, said Xiong Xuan was seated at his usual seat in the cafe when the accident occurred.

“He let out a shout when he pulled on the cable and then his foot made contact with the steel legs of the table,” said Xiong Feng.

Xiong Feng also said that no one at the cafe came to his aid, even though Xiong Xuan was foaming at the mouth and fainted.

“He was obviously hurt, but none of the staff helped,” he told local reporters.

An uncle came and drove them to hospital where Xion Xuan later was pronounced dead.

I don’t know what kind of phone it was.

Be careful about answering or talking on your phone when it’s charging though. It’s rare but it happens. A Chinese woman was killed in 2013 when she answered a call on her iPhone while it was charging. And, according to IBTimes, last week a Malaysian woman died from electrocution while talking on her mobile phone while it was plugged in. The report didn’t say what kind of phone that was either.