Anti aging gin is finally here

So, the evidence against the purported health benefits of red wine keeps building up. But, hey, chin up. This gin claims it will keep you young.


The gin is called Anti-aGin and it’s distilled with pure collagen, as well as “a mix of anti-ageing botanicals,” according to the IBTimes. The botanicals are angelica root, coriander, liquorice, cardamom, burdock, nettle, gotu kola, chamomile, green tea, witch hazel oil and tea tree oil. (Though I’m guessing the tea tree is in minimal amounts since it’s toxic.)

“The new spirit was commissioned by Warner Leisure Hotels from food designers, Bompas + Parr. A bottle of the youthful nectar can be bought at any of the hotels, as well as for £34.99 from”

Harry Parr, co-founder of Bompas & Parr, is quoted as saying, “We’ve stayed true to the principles of a classic gin but given it a rejuvenating boost through these unusual botanicals that channel the fountain of youth. Make mine a ‘Skin & Tonic’.” (Eye roll)

According to the company, the ingredients have “revitalising qualities”, including “healing sun-damage, being rich in minerals, inhibiting scar formation and to help smooth cellulite.”

People don’t just consume collagen to look younger, they also use it topically in skin creams and in Japan they bathe in soup. There’s actually no convincing evidence that topical collagen does anything for your skin but nobody tell them OK? Because that is funny. Nor is there much evidence that consumption makes any difference to your appearance even if it did, I think you’d probably have to consume a lot more gin than is healthy. So, that might negate any benefits. Cute marketing idea, though, which I’m pretty sure is the point. (Though the SEO value of the name is kind of terrible since Google just assumes you made a mistake and wants to show you results for “Anti Aging.”)

Anyway, I’ll stick to bourbon which gives me the superpower of being righter about everything than everyone else and also makes me sexy.