The Panama Papers explained for five year olds (and me)

If you’re anything like me you heard about this Panama Papers thing and got the basic idea that someone leaked something about people doing something they weren’t supposed to, wondered briefly if it was about hookers, found out it wasn’t then pretty much lost the thread. I asked people on Twitter to explain it to me but nobody did. So, I figured it would be just another thing I never understood until Redditor teaarlgraycold stepped in and explained it on the Explain Like I’m Five thread, and now I totally get it.

So, just in case you need the help, here is the explanation:

According to the Huffington Post “hundreds of Canadians have been linked to a massive leak of offshore financial dealings … The release of the Panama Papers has linked a dozen world leaders, directly or indirectly, to offshore accounts involving Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm with offices around the world that offers offshore financial services.”

Hope that makes things clearer. It did for me.