Calgary man shouts FHRITP from marked company vehicle, gets fired

So here is a dumb thing you should not do if you want to keep your job.

A Calgary man has been fired after shouting “F*** her right in the p****!” at a CityNews cameraman while driving by in a company vehicle. Because the man is very stupid. And nobody wants someone who is that stupid working for them. He might burn the place down. Also, he’s slow. That phrase, known as FHRITP in polite circles is so old and busted (see this story from almost exactly a year ago).

680 news reports that the incident happened last week when cameraman Darren Wright was getting some b-roll footage for a story about speeders. A white truck drove into his frame and you can then hear the driver shout FHRITP in captured video.

“A gentleman drove his vehicle into the shot, opened up his door and yelled some very inappropriate language,” Wright said.

“I was surprised,” he added. “I thought that all the attention of this had kind of died down now and that people understood that it was not a phrase that should be uttered in public.”

Bonus: the incident happened in a school zone.

Anyway, because the name of the company the guy worked for was WRITTEN ON THE SIDE OF THE VEHICLE they were informed. The guy reportedly said he was sorry, everyone hugged it out and things were fine. Kidding. He was fired because of course he was.

680 says, “After being informed of the video, the company involved immediately fired the employee and 660 NEWS has decided not to name either party” and so “The video has also been edited so that the company’s name isn’t readable.”

Lesson: if you’re going to shout rude things do it from your own car. Jeez.